Software { Redefined } - Where software works different!

(Think outside the box)

Here at, we are Redefining the way software works by not thinking about a box to begin with.

Starting with GRBL CNC Controller software.

IntelliG-Code smarter CNC software.

IntelliG-Code is a CNC controller software for GRBL based CNC Machines

We like CNC controller software that makes life easier to preform simple CNC tasks without actually having to draw in CAD! We believe that software needs to get smarter and make many common things just so much easier. Ever needed to just drill holes every x / y distance? How about leveling a board before you engrave it? Do you normally have to draw those and define tool paths? No more! We can do simple things like that in real time without the need to draw. Use the machine to draw directly as you are making your project. Check out our features page! Featuring support of GRBL 0.8 to 1.1f+ currently.